Steve and Linda Jo Harvey

"The peace of God that passes all understanding..." Phil 4:7

Linda’s Journey & Service

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Dear Friends,

What precipitated our first letters were close friends fighting cancer. We were not going to let anybody we know die without making sure they knew of the eternal salvation God has promised those who love Him. Since our last letter we have found out that I, Linda, have lung cancer and even though we hope to still have years together we realize the time has probably been shortened. We have cried many tears in the last two weeks but are now on the road to fighting the disease. We started chemotherapy Friday the 22nd.

I would like to use this letter to express my feelings, my thanks, and my faith in Jesus Christ. When I found out I had cancer I realized that every day can bring a surprise, we have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Because of the longevity of my parents’ life, my dad died at 97 and mom is 96, I assumed I had many more years. God laughs at those who make long range plans.

My whole life I have been a fairly private person. Reaching out is hard for me. It is easier to stay in my own safe space and let others pave the way. My reaction to my situation has been to not burden my friends but to continue this journey in God’s Hands. My surprise has been the many who by knowing “us”, have reached out to me. Your love and support has been beyond words. It’s what brings me to my knees in love and thankfulness and tears of gratitude. I have never wavered in God’s support. I know He is working on my behalf for a purpose. I feel very blessed to have the life I have lived and will continue to live.

When my husband died in 2004 I was overwhelmed by “life just goes on”. People have normal days with problems, etc. and here I was in such desperate need. I was so lost in my world and reached out to God for help because I could not do it myself. What became very apparent to me was a path. I was being guided. I felt a confidence the next problem would be taken care of. I started to trust in the goodness of those around me. In time I recognized this as the tremendous support of God as I searched for answers. I asked for God to send someone to love me and support my faith. He sent me Steve. ( but he can’t cook very well.)

As I look back I was in a tremendous valley. But that valley turned out to be a blessing to guide me to the grace of God. And so here I am in another valley but this time know that the tremendous faith I have in Jesus Christ will carry me through. I want you to know how much we appreciate your prayers and words of support. Steve and I love you all dearly.

God Bless You All,

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We will attempt to keep you updated through our website

7/12/12 Update: Linda has been in the hospital since last Friday because of an allergic reaction.they think was caused by anxiety medicine. The last 2 days have been good so they think she will be released today. Her oxygen levels are up which is a good sign. She is scheduled for her 2nd chemo treatment tomorrow, 13th, which is her second of 7. Her spirits and faith is very strong. She spends much time writing in her prayer book. It is a peaceful thought to her knowing she is in God’s hands.

7/22/12 Update: Linda had her 2nd update Wed, July 18th. She was doing well until yesterday, Sat the 21st, and she had a real bad day. Until then she had been doing well and breathing better. Whenever Linda is feeling bad she wants to study the Bible by reading our Life Application Study Commentary. This truly offers her tremendous comfort. Her attitude remains very positive.

On Mon, July 22nd we met with the pulmonary doctor, Dr. Rubio and he told us that the type of cancer cell Linda has is most often treatable which made us feel great. Linda knows she is in God’s hands no matter what – “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart.”

8/4/12 Update: On August the 3rd we had an appointment with Dr. Issam Nemeh located in Cleveland, Ohio. Linda had read his book, “Miracles Every Day”. Also our neighbors son, who is paralyzed from the neck down, visits him weekly. He has been on the Dr. Oz Show twice. If you search his name on the website you will see why we visited him.

On August 8th Linda has her 3rd Chemo treatment and on August 27th she will have catscan to see how effective the treatments have been. Please read more in our prayer letter.

8/22/12 Update: Linda developed a fever on Monday the 20th. We went to the oncologist on Tues to check platelet count and it seemed good so they put her on an antibiotic. Her temperature spiked again Tuesday evening so we went to the emergency room and they admitted her. Today, Wed the 22nd they found she had a staff infection and started an antibiotic through IV. They said that there should be no problem. Monday Linda is still scheduled to have her petscan with chemo on Wed the 29th. For the last 10 days Linda has really improved especially in her breathing and has not needed oxygen. We thank all of you for your cards, emails, and phone calls. We also thank you for your thoughts and prayers. As always we know that no matter what she is in God’s hands. We can not imagine going through this without the peace offered by our Lord.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

8/27/12 Update: Linda came home from the home from the hospital today, after 6 days. She will continue to take an antibiotic interveniously at home for the next 28 days to insure that it is gone. Because of this her petscan and chemo treatment are being rescheduled.

While in the hospital we got some really good news. While checking her lungs for infection they not only found no infections but a noticable reduction in cancer cells. What a great day that was.

9/3/12 Update: Because of the time factor and problems that occur we have decided to change our oncologist from the one in Dayton to Dr. Sweeney in Columbus who came highly recommended. We met with him Friday 8/31 and he seemed please with Linda’s progress ( he had seen her in Riverside hospital when she was there with the allergic reaction in July). He scheduled her next chemo for 9/14 to give her time to recover from her staff infection. He will schedule a petscan or catscan after reviewing her records.

We had a great weekend at the lake with 2 of our children, 6 grandchildren and several friends. Linda felt great and even spent time on the dock. Again, thank you for all of your prayers, emails, phone calls and cards. Your thoughtfulness means more to Linda than you will ever know.

9/18/12 Update: Linda is still doing well. Her next chemo has been delayed until the staff infection treatments are done – which is Fri., thus we are meeting with the oncologist for updates and a chemo treatment Friday the 21st. God Bless you all and thank you for your concern.

9/26/12 Update: We had a meeting with our oncologist, Dr.Sweeney, and the 4th chemo treatment on Firday the 21st. The meeting went great. Dr. Sweeney said there has been more reduction in cancer cells and her white blood count was up which help fights infection. She was pretty whiped out Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and yesterday felt much better. Also, there has been no rise in temperature.

10/8/12 Update: On Wednesday October the 3rd we met with Dr. Nemeh in Cleveland. His procedure, a form of acupuncture, showed a reduction in cancer cells as compared to his his readings on August the 8th. He feels very positive about the improvement of Linda’s health in general.

10/19/12 Update: Linda’s last chemo was October the 12th and she also met with the oncologist. He thought she was doing so well that he might be able to cancel her 7th chemo treatment. She will have a catscan or petscan after the 6th treatment which is on November 2nd, to determine her next step. She uses no oxygen and is now meeting with a trainer 3 days per week and is doing well.

We thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers – they are working. We love you all and God Bless you all. Steve and Linda

11/4/12 Update: The 6th chemo treatment went well on Friday the 2nd of Nov. I have a catscan scheduled for the 19th of Nov. which will help dictate the next step. The Oncologist is very happy with the success of the treatments. Thanks – Steve

12/4/12 Update: We met with the oncologist on Nov. 26th and he said the latist catscan was positive and that there was a reduction in the mucous caused by the cancer cells. This is sometimes hard to see but the improved breathing and lack of need for oxygen are obvious signs this reduction has occured. Because of the improvemnt he has recommended that a maintenance program should be enough chemo to keep the cancer stable or even reduce it. This program includes about half of the chemo that was used previously. He also warned that bodies can change at any time so keep getting “check ups”.

We will be in Florida by Dec. 5th and will be seeing a new recommended oncologist along with a new pulmonary specialist. Thank you all for your prayers and notes of concern.

12/21/12 Update: We are in Florida and Linda has has problems with bloating and digesting food. She had 2 liters of liquid removed but is still having problems. We are meeting with the gastro interologist tomorrow which we think will result in going to the hospital to find the major cause of her problem. We will update when we find answers.

Happy Holidays

12/28/12 Update: The results of Linda’s test today were very bad. Cancer has spread to several areas and is what caused her abdominal problems. Will update later.

1/3/13 Update: The doctors have given Linda two to three weeks before she goes home to meet the Lord.

1/3/13 Update: Linda met the Lord at 6:30 today.

Dear Friends,
On January 3rd at 6:30 PM Linda’s journey on earth ended and the Lord took her to her eternal home in Heaven with Him. Her son Jason and I were by her side as she took her last earthly breath. Linda’s faith never wavered during her seven month struggle with cancer, but actually increased as her health decreased.

From the time Linda found out that she had stage 4 lung cancer in late May until the Lord took her on January 3rd she never complained or felt sorry for herself. Our home was never one of sorrow or sadness but one of faith and hope. As most of you know she actually improved over the summer which allowed her to enjoy weekly visits from our children and grandchildren. She even went down to the dock and back when her granddaughter Greer caught a large catfish. When we moved to the extended care facility in the fall we could take long walks together. She withstood the six chemo treatments with great courage.

Sadly in early November Linda became bloated which caused much discomfort and made it very difficult to eat. She had a cat-scan which showed no cancer so our oncologist told us that it would be fine to go to Florida and continue maintenance chemo in the form of pill. The thought was the problem could be solved easily. They were wrong. We returned to Florida in late November and the only enjoyment she had was when Jason and his family came for a visit on December 16th. They left on Wednesday the 19th and Linda entered the hospital on the 21st.
While in the hospital it was discovered that the belly problem was caused by more cancer. After the oncologist discussed her options, which would have included trying to find a type of chemo that would work and possibly putting a tube in her abdomen, she asked how much time this would give her and they did not know. She then said, “I am going to Heaven”. They were a little taken back and told her that she should at least wait for the pathology report before making this type of a decision. She again told them that she had decided to go to Heaven. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she asked that I call her son Jason. He arrived on Wednesday the 2nd.

On Thursday January the 3rd at about 4PM her breathing became labored. She asked Jason and I to pull our chairs next to her bed so that she could hold our hands. The only relief she could get was when she got a dose of morphine which she was allowed every six minutes. Jason counted the seconds and I gave her the morphine. She soon closed her eyes and her breathing became shallow. At about 6:20 PM she opened her eyes and stared upward. We cradled her head and kissed her and asked if she could see Jesus, there was no response and we could see that her spirit and soul had left her body.

As through the entire journey Linda was not scared or depressed those last few days in the hospital. Her enjoyment was having extended Bible studies and listening to the Bible on CD. It excited her to know she would see and talk to those she was reading about when she entered the Kingdom of God. Linda did not just believe she was going to Heaven, she knew she was going to Heaven. I wish you could have all shared in the strength she exhibited during her illness and to have seen her eyes as she looked to Heaven. Linda, in a previous letter, told about seeing a vivid sign from God written in bold capital letters – DO NOT BE AFRAID – and she never was.

I have been asked how I am doing. To be honest it is very tough. I love her so much and the thought of not being with her at times seems to be unbearable. But the peace of God reminds me that I will be with Linda again and that will be forever. Another factor that helps is that all of our prayers were answered because her suffering was brief. She was and is in God’s Hands.

Linda gave me several assignments and one was to say that she loves you all. Another was to tell those of you that do not have an interest in Jesus “goodbye” and to those of you who do know Jesus she says “see you later”.

Her memorial service which was done the she wanted will be on our website soon.

Jason and Steve
937 478-7789